Short Course recordings

Advanced Trainee 2017

This course, as part of an ongoing annual educational program targeting paediatric and adult medicine advanced trainees / fellows, focuses on the curriculum set out by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). The course is also open and suitable to other professionals / scientists working in the field of sleep medicine. Presentations were given by leading adult and paediatric specialists.

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Advanced Trainee 2016

This short course is based around a 3 year cycle covering a diverse range of topics in sleep medicine for both adult and paediatric RACP trainees. In 2016 the focus was on chronobiological disorders, insomnia and included a workshop on cognitive behavioural therapy. Invited experts in the field presented talks covering both adult and paediatric aspects of sleep medicine.

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Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disorders

This course covers the pathogenesis of the link between cardiovascular disease and OSA, discusses the clinical manifestations of this relationship in contributing to arrhythmias, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and cerebrovascular disease and the extent to which treatment of OSA will improve cardiovascular outcomes.

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History of sleep medicine in Australasia

The Australasian Sleep Association celebrated its silver anniversary in 2013. As part of the Annual Scientific Meeting, a special history plenary was organised. The course comprises recordings from this session and discusses the past, present and future of sleep medicine and sleep services in Australasia.

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Managing alertness in industry - Minimising risk & optimising productivity

This course covers the frameworks for managing fatigue and alertness in occupational settings, implementing interventions for monitoring schedules, sleep and alertness at work and developing programs to manage sleep disorders in occupational settings.

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